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Motorized Wheelchair Struck in Crosswalk — Private Investigation in Lake Elsanore, CA

Posted on April 27th, 2015

In spring of 2015 an attorney from Southern California hired Krofina Investigations to look into an incident whereupon a motorized wheelchair was struck in a crosswalk by a SUV. The wheelchair-bound victim was lawfully crossing in a marked crosswalk being controlled by a tri-phase operational signal. Krofina Investigations spoke with several witness all of whom stated that a right-turning SUV struck the victim while ignoring the wheelchair occupants right-of-way in the crosswalk as protected by the green light.

Several statements were taken, finalized, and signed before being turn over to the attorneys office to support the claim of the victim. In addition, representatives of Krofina PI travelled to the accident location, took pictures, and corroborated the phasing of the lights at the intersection in question.

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