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Dog Bite – Personal Injury Investigation in Orange County

Posted on December 1st, 2015

Dog bite cases are always interesting and this one turned out to be a more interesting investigation than most.

This one took place in Southern Orange County, California.

Our client was taking an early morning walk in his neighborhood when he happened upon some neighbors and stopped to talk. They introduced him to some other neighbors whom he had never met before. One of them had a male pit bull mix on a leash and our client noticed that the dog appeared to be hard to control.

Our client stepped back, just as the pit bull lunged forward and our client was badly bitten on the arm. The injury required hospitalization and resulted in loss of function in the arm.

We began our investigation both by calling Southern Orange County Animal Control to see if there had been any other incidents involving this dog (there were) and also canvassing the neighborhood, knocking on doors and speaking to people living in the vicinity.

As it turned out, our investigator discovered that this same dog had bitten other people (none so seriously) and also had attacked a little sheltie who was walking on leash with her owner. This little dog required surgery for her wounds.

The case had a positive resolution in terms of monetary compensation for our client and this was at least partially due to a thorough investigation on our part.

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