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Elderly man injured by negligent driver

Posted on January 19th, 2016

A private investigator receives some very interesting cases during his or her career and this one is no exception.

In California the plaintiff, an elderly gentleman, was leaving his doctor’s office and walking slowly across the street, using a cane.

A woman (the defendant driver) whose vehicle has been parked heading into an alley decided to back onto the main street and park there.

She backed up quickly and without checking in her mirrors.

The rear of her vehicle hit the elderly gentleman, knocking him down and running over one of his legs.

The female driver then panicked, put the car in drive, and ran over the plaintiff’s leg for a second time, virtually crushing it.

Fortunately for the plaintiff, there was a witness parked along the street.  She called 911 and helped the  plaintiff  until police and emergency rescue teams arrived.  She gave a statement to police and was listed as a witness in the police report.

A member of Krofina Investigations staff contacted this witness and was able to take a comprehensive statement from her.

Thanks, in part, to her accurate statement to police, the defendant driver was cited for backing up at an unsafe speed and this, plus the witness’s statement to Krofina Investigations, resulted in a positive outcome for the plaintiff.

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