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Trip and Fall, Personal Injury

Posted on February 1st, 2016

When doing an investigation, whether public or private, the success or failure lies in small details.

Krofina Investigations recently had a case wherein we were asked to investigate a trip and fall on an embankment on the property of a well-traveled shopping center.

Our investigator made contact with the client’s son while the client, herself, was in the hospital after having undergone surgery to repair the injuries incurred during the accident.

The son took us to the scene in order to show our investigator exactly where this accident had happened and we took photographs of the area, as well as measurements.

We noticed that the steps appeared to be both uneven and also that they were not uniform in nature. In addition, there was severe erosion in the area that looked to be of long duration.

The ground cover had not been maintained and there were large areas of mud and flooding from a recent rain.

Although there were maintenance workers in the area, they confirmed to us that it had been “quite awhile” since they had been told to work in that area and that they were not supposed to work in a particular area without a specific work order.

After concluding our measurements and photography, we went to the client’s home in order to inspect the shoes she had been wearing at the time that she fell and determined that there was a lot of mud on the shoes.

When we put together a report on this case, all of our measurements, photographs, and observations were included and we are anticipating a good settlement in this case.

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