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Keys to a Private Investigator’s Successful Surveillance: Persistence and Good Intel

Posted on April 12th, 2018

Orange County, Ca private investigators surveillance tools -- camera, glass, research toolsTo continue talking about surveillances, it needs to be mentioned that they are sometimes stopped and then re-initiated several times before results of any kind are obtained.

It is most helpful to have as much information about the routine of the party being monitored as possible, including current address and picture.

In personal surveillances, sometimes a vacation or other change of routine makes it expedient to put the matter on hold until the person under surveillance resumes their normal routine but Krofina Investigations has had cases where the client provided a vacation itinerary so the surveillance continued through the vacation or business trip.

The surveillance will often be in a state of flux as the case develops.

Krofina Investigative Services employs investigators that are individually specialized in all of the aspects of surveillance and, more often than not, a positive result is obtained for the client. We are dedicated to assisting attorneys and private parties with the difficult task and take pride in our determination and data collection tools.

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