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Orange County Private Investigator Discusses “The Reluctant Witness”

Posted on May 12th, 2018

Private Investigator in Newport Beach, CA gets asks a witness for a statementBecause identity theft has now reached epic proportions, more and more witnesses are becoming reluctant to share personal identifying information (ie date of birth, home address, place of employment) with a private investigator who calls them “out of the blue.”

If the investigator has documentation, such as a police report, and can provide sufficient knowledge of the incident, the witness will usually relax and feel comfortable giving a statement and then meeting with the private investigator to sign it.

If there is no police report, it is important for the investigator to know how the witness’ information was procured. It is usually because the witness offered his or her contact information to the client/plaintiff at the time of the incident and good in-take information, which will be discussed in an up-coming blog, is essential.

Once a comfortable rapport with the witness has been established, it is important to take down as much relevant information about the incident as possible, since witnesses do not like to be bothered with several call-backs. Ideally, the statement is taken and written up with only one more call-back to finalize it and make an appointment for signing.

Witnesses are often more comfortable arranging a signing meeting in a public place and with someone with them. Anything that the private investigator can do to facilitate comfort on the part of the witness makes for a better statement which leads to a credible investigation report.

At Krofina Investigations, we try to do all we can to provide witnesses with a feeling of personal safety and security.

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