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How Krofina Investigative Services gets a witness statement finalized an attorney

Posted on February 8th, 2019

Woman who will witness a crime and getting a statement  for an attorney with help from a Private InvestigatorAfter a statement has been taken and approved by Mr. Krofina, the case worker at Krofina Investigations embarks on the process of re-contacting the witness to read the statement to him or her and make any final changes.

With some witnesses, this step can be as time-consuming as reaching them the first time. Although it takes less than 5 minutes to read a statement to a witness, there will be witnesses who are just “so busy” that they don’t even have that 5 minutes to spare.

Sometimes it helps if the private investigator suggests, in a polite way, that a signed statement often serves in place of a subpoena or deposition. Few witnesses want to give up several hours of their time to appear in court or in an attorney’s office.

As always, the private investigators affiliated with Krofina Investigations go out of their way to accommodate the witness as to time and place of signing but if the witness is still side-stepping, the investigator will sometimes go to the witness’s residence or place of business with the unfinalized statement and the witness often signs.

When all of the above is not successful, the statement can be changed into bullet points and included in the investigation report with the explanation that the witness was uncooperative/impossible to reach.

If Krofina Investigations already has one or more good statements for a particular case, the case can safely move along with bullet points from one witness.

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