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Pit Bull Mix Leaves Senior With Lingering Injuries

Posted on June 27th, 2016

Pit Bulls responsible for personal injury

While many Southern Californians love having dogs, not all dog owners are responsible. Even careful dog owners can find themselves in the predicament of having their dog wander off of their home property. While not all dogs are aggressive, one bad dog or one bad moment can change the life of an innocent neighbor forever.

Dog attacks are one of the leading causes of personal injury claims in Southern California neighborhoods. Dogs are not supposed to be off leash off of their owner’s property, but enforcement of leash laws can be difficult in cities with high population density. If you are the victim of a dog attack it is important that you find representation that knows the value of witness statements to corroborate the facts behind your injuries.

The following is a case study from a recent dog attack investigation performed by Krofina Investigative Services in Orange County, CA.

The Dog Attack and Aftermath

A Southern California senior citizen was riding his bike in his retirement community when he was attack by a unlawfully owned pit bull mix breed dog. The man was knocked off of his bike so forcefully that his helmet was cracked. The man was assisted back to his home by some landscape workers who were in the neighborhood. The man was taken to urgent care by his wife and neighbors where he was treated for head, neck, and hip injuries.

This accident occurred in 2015 and at that time the man was described as self-assured and competent but following his injuries he continues to suffer from brain damage and is now described as dazed, fearful, and disoriented.

How a Private Investigator can Assist in Securing a Better Settlement

In the case of a dog attack such as this, a private investigator can be invaluable. Through interview and the gathering of witness statements, Krofina Investigative Services was able to establish the dog’s history of roaming without supervision. Furthermore, tracking down the landscape workers and taking their statements help established the facts of the dog attack itself.

Whether this case comes to trial or is settled, the work done by Krofina Investigative Services has established fault on the part of the senior community and the dog owner – neither of whom took proper steps to protect its community members.

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