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Orange County Private Investigator Assists an Attorney Looking for a Client who has Won a Settlement

Posted on January 28th, 2020

A Missing Man who has won a Judgement is Sought by Private InvestigatorKrofina Investigations has recently been given a case that entails finding a missing homeless man. All we have is his name and birthdate. This is classified as a domestic case because, to our knowledge, the man has done nothing wrong. He is homeless and may be staying in some kind of shelter. He is of the age that he might be a veteran so veteran shelters must be contacted. He may have mental health disorders which could have begun before or have simply occurred due to months of being out on the streets and left to fend for himself.

The reason Krofina Investigations has been hired to find this man is that prior to his disappearance, he had opened a case with a local attorney. The case has settled and the homeless man was awarded a judgement of more than $72,000.

To date, Krofina Investigations has done a limited background search and has found several people who could have been relatives but they were contacted and said they didn’t know the man. A more extensive background search has now been initiated.

Calls to the various shelters in the Perris and Hemet areas are in the works. Although shelters will not give out information as to who is staying with them, our investigators quickly explain the situation and tell the person on the telephone about the settlement and necessity to get the information to the man that he needs to contact his attorney. When making these phone calls, the agent from Krofina Investigations makes sure to note the first name of the person talked to and does give out contact information for the attorney.

If all of the above is not a success, more intensive tracing techniques will be initiated and there will be an update in the next blog…….

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