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Private Investigation Firm Adapting to Changing Times

Posted on September 7th, 2020

A business needs to anticipate change and adapt to it in order to keep up with the flow of societal advancement.

Not long after the last blog post was penned, we (in the USA) found that we were and are dealing with an issue that is changing perceptions and inviting divisions.

Although Krofina Investigations has always prided itself with providing superb quality finalized statements, we found that (during the Pandemic) witnesses did not want to see us in person to sign their statements.

Therefore, we decided to “go with the flow” and are now sending statements to witnesses for their signature and, in some cases, allowing witnesses to write and electronically sign their own statements.

This requires much more attention to detail but it seems to be proving to be an effective way to continue to effectively gather witness statements for our attorney clients.

No matter what the situation, a business specializing in private investigation (such as Krofina P.i.) will adapt to societal changes in order to better serve our clients.

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