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Private Investigation Uncovers Fault with Semi-Truck Driver

Posted on June 13th, 2016

Semi-truck involved in personal injury accident
Hiring a determined private investigator who will track down accident witnesses and get signed statements that help support personal injury claims is an essential part of getting financial justice for an injured claimant. The following paragraphs detail a recent accident on a California freeway and how a good private investigator can make a difference when it comes to settling the claim.

The Accident Details

A motorist on a Southern California freeway was tapped on her rear bumper by a semi-truck driver who was changing lanes. Although the bumper tap was a minor one, the small vehicle that was struck went out of control, down an embankment, and rolled over several times. The semi-truck driver, to their credit stopped, and initially acknowledge striking the vehicle but after a phone conversation with their boss, the semi-truck driver denied any responsibility for the accident.

The Role of the Private Investigator in Helping to Establish Fault

Moments like this are not uncommon. In fact, professional drivers are often instructed to deny-deny-deny when it comes to acknowledging fault for accidents they cause. The motorist filed for damages and it was time for an investigation into the facts. Ultimately Krofina Investigative Services was able to track down a third-party witness to the accident. The witness was able to corroborate the plaintiff’s version of events. With a signed witness statement in hand, the client was able to secure a favorable settlement for their injuries.

Signed witness statements and the investigators who secure them can help make a huge difference when it comes to settlement terms for personal injury accidents.

We are committed to tracking down witnesses.
We are committed to writing up professional statements.
And we are committed to getting those statements signed.

This is one of many private investigation services offer by Southern California’s Krofina Investigative Services.

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