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Slip and Fall Private Investigation in San Fernando, CA

Posted on May 15th, 2016

dangerous sidewalk crack where a slip and fall accident could occurSlip and fall personal injury claims from dangers such as improperly repaired sidewalks happen every day and finding an experienced investigator to gather witness statements is essential to the injured party’s claim.

Krofina Investigative Services (KIS) is providing support for an attorney whose client is looking to make a personal injury claim in a slip and fall accident. After a dumpster was removed from a residential area in San Fernando, CA neighborhood, residents noticed damage to the sidewalk and one concerned resident contacted the city about repair. The repair job was no safer than the original crack and an accident waiting to happen. When a neighbor tripped, fell, and was injured at the improperly repaired location, they sought representation for their personal injury claim. Through private investigation, KIS has obtained both a signed witness statement corroborating the accident itself as well as a signed statement attesting to the fact that the city knew they were at least partially responsible for repairing the damaged sidewalk. The claimant’s attorney should be in an outstanding position to get their client proper restitution for his personal injury.

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