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Witness Statements for Motorcyclist Injured in Santa Rosa, CA

Posted on May 1st, 2016

vintage-1283299_640When an at-fault driver hits a motorcyclist there is often a need for an attorney with a good private investigator to get involved. Getting solid witness statements that back up the facts is essential to an appropriate personal injury award or settlement.

Krofina Investigative Services (KIS) was brought in to aid an attorney’s office in a personal injury lawsuit involving a motorcyclist. The plaintiff was riding his motorcycle on an east west running road with complete right of way. A vehicle turning on the street from a stop sign pulled out into the motorcyclist’s lane causing bodily injury to the motorcyclist. KIS was brought in to track down accident witnesses. We pursued witness statements confirming fault in the accident was with the vehicle driver who struck the motorcyclist.

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