We put our resources to work for attorneys, businesses, and individual clients.

For Attorneys

For Individuals

For Corporations

We use an array of resources to serve our attorney clients. We will successfully track down any and all witnesses necessary to transcribe an oral statement into a typed written statement. We will then get the statement signed and on your desk to support your case.

We get results serving difficult subpoenas and will do whatever it takes to locate an individual attempting to circumvent the process.

We are able to take witness statements from Spanish-speaking witnesses.

If you are an individual in need of an investigator you may be going through one of the more difficult experiences of your life. We can make the process easier by conducting your investigation with sensitivity and discretion. Our business has the resources necessary to provide you with all of the evidence you need to get peace of mind.

We perform professional surveillance, which may be necessary if you suspect your spouse may be cheating, if you need a nanny or elder-caregiver followed, or if you need an unruly child watched. Our surveillance may include providing you with a written report of the witnessed activities and/or photographic evidence of the surveilled individual's whereabouts.

Another investigative resource we might employ to serve an individual is a background check. If you just met a prospective dating interest online you might want to make sure they are who they say they are. A background check is a great way to confirm that an individual is single and has a clean criminal background. With an increasing number of individuals meeting each other online it is always a good idea to be safe and do the background check before things get serious. You might also want a background check before hiring a nanny or giving your blessing to an elderly parent's marriage.

Please give us a call if you find yourself needing to put suspicions aside and get answers.

We have access to considerable resources to serve corporate and private organizations. If you need something as basic as an employee background check or criminal history check we can help. With our access to the latest online database search results, your company can hire with confidence. With lawsuits breaking out against organizations like the Boy Scouts and Penn State you can never be safe enough when making a new hire or accepting a new volunteer who will be working with vulnerable populations like children or the elderly.

In addition to serving organizations in making successful hires, we are able to investigate suspicious individuals within an organization. As an internal investigator for Ralston-Purina, David J. Krofina spent years sussing out corporate fraud ranging from flat-out theft to falsified workman's compensation claims.