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Ann Ferrell

Ann Ferrell

Ann has been with the firm since 2001. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English from UCI and a Lifetime Secondary Teaching Credential. She works for Krofina Investigative Services in case investigation, writes investigation reports, takes and writes up witness’ statements, and proofreads all documents prior to submission.

Sergio Magallanes

Sergio Magallanes

Sergio has worked for the firm for over twenty years as our senior interpreter, subpoena server, and investigator. He is extremely skilled in every area.

K.A. Maxey

KA. Maxey

K.A. is our researcher and investigator. K.A. solves difficult problems with relative ease, thus being extremely cost effective for the client.

Stephen Elliott

Stephen has been with us for several years. He has previously worked in state law enforcement and subsequently been in charge of surveillance. Well-rounded and knowledgeable, he is a real asset to the firm.

Robert Suarez

Since 1991, Robert has provided investigative services and solutions for insurance companies and investigative and law firms throughout Northern, Central, and Southern California. Robert has over twenty-two years of experience and has put in thousands of hours of undercover surveillance and video documentation.

To maintain discretion, our surveillance team, Stephen and Robert, are not pictured.